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Heuristic Evaluation on KSRTC website

Duration - 2 Weeks

Group project done by - Shail Khandekar,  Vani Panwar,  Rutu Tank

Skills Learnt - Heuristic evaluation ,   User testing ,   Conducting surveys 


Our team conducted a detailed review of the KSRTC website, one of the most widely used platforms for bus bookings by travelers in and around Karnataka. During this analysis, we discovered several usability issues within the key tasks performed by the primary user base. These issues were hindering the completion of transactions on the KSRTC website, causing users to seek alternative platforms such as Redbus to complete their bookings.

To tackle this issue, we conducted thorough UX research and analyzed the user behavior on the website. Based on the research, we recommended several usability improvements to make the website more user-friendly and efficient. Ultimately wireframes were created to demonstrate the usability changes.

Frame 1.png
Frame 21.png
Frame 2.png
Frame 3.png
Frame 4.png
Frame 5.png
Frame 6.png
Frame 14.png
Frame 15.png
Frame 16 (2).png
Frame 17.png
Frame 18.png
Frame 20.png
Frame 19 (1).png
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