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Usability evaluation report : Coursera

Duration - 1 Week

Group project done by - Shail Khandekar , Rutu Tank , Vani Panwar , Mythili Deshpande 

Skills Learnt - Heuristic evaluation ,   User testing ,   Conducting surveys 


The goal of the test was to assess overall usability of the Coursera website, particularly with new users. The goal was to understand the ease of navigation while using the interface and identify confusing aspects of the layout, while performing selected critical User journeys. To meet this goal, a usability study of the current website was conducted . 

This is a basic and traditional usability study where the Users were asked to visit the website, perform tasks in a moderated session and provide feedback. While users performed the tasks, they were observed, their actions, comments and performance were recorded and all information was filled in Google forms by the designated observers.

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